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So while they are all down in the lair, Oliver’s doing shirtless exercises. How does Felicity concentrate? 

Concentrate? She just stares at him. She’s like oh there you are 

#i love it#i love how unashamed felicity is about her physical attraction to oliver#and yet so quick to call any romance between them ‘unthinkable’#i think it confuses some people#and that’s why fandom believes felicity is ‘pining’#and that she’s desperately in love with him#but felicity is a logical person who deals in facts#and the facts are that the dude is hot as hell#so she’s not going to pretend he’s not#it’s not in her natue to do that#but that’s as far as it goes#she has tremendous respect for him as a person#and that respect is why she is so quick to call him out when he’s wrong#they share a common goal and cause#which is why she is so encouraging and quick to give him a pep talk when he needs it#but in love with him?#i don’t think so#she doesn’t allow herself to think of him as a real romantic option#and not because she doesn’t think she’s good enough#or pretty enough#or anything like that#simply because he’s Oliver and he has Gorgeous Laurel who she STILL BELIEVES HE LOVES WHY DOES NO ONE TALK A OUT THAT#and he has Sara who I’m sure she doesn’t know all the details of that beak-up#she just knows that they have a history just as long and rich as his and laurel’s#so yea in her eyes they’re not heading for romance anytime soon#and she’s cool with that#but that doesn’t mean she can’t stare at him while he’s doing the salmon ladder
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“We’re really acknowledging the chemistry between the two characters and the attraction between the two characters, and we’re moving forward with their dance, that they’ve basically been doing since episode 3 of the show. From the moment they met each other, there was something going on, and we’re just honoring that.” (x)

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Number 14. That’s the 14th nervous sigh Oliver let out today. Diggle was trying so hard to keep himself from laughing but a nervous Oliver is a rare sight to see. They were on their way to QC because Oliver decided he wanted to introduce himself to the new CEO and competition, Ray Palmer. 
"We’re late."Oliver stated. Number 15. "I’ve never known you to be nervous about a meeting, let alone about being on time." Diggle teased. Oliver stilled before shifting his weight. "I just don’t like being late. Makes me look unprofessional, is all." he lied. Number 16. Diggle didn’t buy it for a second. "Ok… So this has nothing to do with your little date with Felicity tonight?" Diggle teased even more.
Oliver turned to face Diggle and knew immediately that Diggle was very well aware of all the emotions he tried to hide all day. Truth was that he really was nervous about going on a date with Felicity. His Felicity. His girl.  His light. This was a big step for him. To let her bright light into his dark world and he was scared of messing it up. Leave it to Diggle to be able to point out his feelings even when Oliver was trying really hard to hide them.
Oliver thanked the heavens when his phone rung. “It’s Felicity.” Oliver stated out loud and asked himself whether he should have said that part out loud or not. When Diggle peaked over his shoulder and snickered, Oliver knew the answer. 
END NOTE: I AM SOOOOOO sorry for making you wait so long darling. THANK YOU for being SOOO patient. I’m PRETTY sure this WASNT what you’re looking for with the teasing BUT I CANT HELP IT. Ever since the date spoiler broke out, I’m still going crazy! It hasn’t wore off on me yet LOL. I REALLY hope you do like it though babe! Sorry for making you wait!